01 August 2009

My tribute to the Democracy Icon

Corazon Cojuangco Aquino (January 25, 1933 – August 1, 2009) Housewife, Philippine President, Democracy Icon, Mother, Prayer Warrior.

My first minutes of the morning of first day of August wasn't so good. President Cory, the President that I remembered so well way back in my childhood, has joined her Creator in Eternity. He also reunites with her husband, the National Hero Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino.

Facebook kept me awake until 11 in the evening local time here in KSA. And so I as surf my FB there were status from Filipino friends that the President has indeed breathe her last 3:18 in the morning Philippine time.

Well I do not have so close encounters with the former President way back in the Philippines, but I indeed have two vivid memories of her to reckon with. I saw her in Edsa 2 in 2001. She was upstage delivering her message to the throngs who were there in support of overthrowing another president, Joseph Estrada. Aquino, FVR, GMA, Cardinal Sin and almost all high people in government were there.

But really there was no radiance like how Cory have it. I am Cory follower I didn't imagine a woman leading the nation and steered clear out of authoritarian rule from that of Ferdinand Marcos. The Philippines was all in chaos, anarchy and civil unrest, but Cory, the housewife helped the country resuscitate its dying democracy. I was only five way back then but I later on realized that the Housewife made the World looked up on the Philippines as it made history.

The second time I saw her was when she heard mass in Edsa Shrine near Mercury Durg in Robinsons Galleria. She was wearing black and shortly followed by daughter and actress Kris Aquino. That was so sudden, they were passing just three feet away from where I stand and the goose bumps that her presence gave me was so unique and patently hers that I felt that I was so lucky. She smiled and waved in my direction and I really felt so in luck. I was having my Slurpee.

The most lasting memory she has given our generation and my kids as well is really her tough fight against dictatorship, her rising up to seven coup d'etat, her unselfish service to the country and her unmatched belief in democracy. She is the Icon of Democracy not only for the Philippines to look up to, but for the World to treasure and cherish. She may have succumbed to her illness, but that didn't busted her radiance. For me and maybe for millions of Filipinos around the world, what she has left in this world is something for all the people to remember and would not forget. We owe Cory our freedom, the democracy that the we enjoy to the is the product of her love for Filipinos. And she deserved to be honored, remembered and beloved just like her husband the national hero Ninoy

Jessica Zafra's short piece tells:

President Corazon Aquino is dead, and with her dies the last shreds of civility in our public life. She was a good person. Say what you will about her administration, the illusions dashed and opportunities missed, but she was decent to us. She never mocked us, made fun of our hopes, or knowingly insulted our intelligence. Born to privilege, she never acted the spoiled brat. She was a lady, a rarity in this day and age and especially in this political system. She tried. We miss her like a limb. In mourning for Tita Cory we’re really mourning for ourselves and what could’ve been.
From my dashboard, Tonyo Cruz' blogs what the Filipinos worldwide Tweets and blogs for the late President. UP mentor Nico Ravanilla wrote something so unique and heart-warming, personifying the President and mother that was Cory. It is a first hand experience. Barrio Siete's bloggers have also published their pieces online and every media outfit in the Internet local and international, have carried banners for Cory's death.

It is a time of mourning for the Philippines and for Filipinos who are also in abroad. We mourn the lost of a torch, a light that is very much needed in these trying time under a crooked regime. Nevertheless, her light, her beacon stays with us. The accolades and state ceremonies (the Aquino family refused a State Funeral) maybe fitting and proper, but we will fail her if we do not live what she fought for during her reign. We will be lost in state if we would surrender the democracy she has fought for and died for. Let us not fail her. Thank you very much Madam President Cory.

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