17 August 2009

Another blank verse for a blank afternoon

Ringing, I wish my phone is

Out there I wait what lies ahead

Mingling with the remaining memories

Understanding where I stood

Leaves me with nothing but the truth

Outraged I am on the steps I took

Incessant still my destiny moves.

Awry, flurry and fury mixed within me

Mistakes have been done before

Insistent still I am to once more be there and

Sadness ruins me, leaving me in solitary

Torn and tortured by the things I chose

Although love is living in me

Dying I am with everything I am to see

Just as the Sun shines on me

Rains have inundated my insanity.


  1. Sali ka sa Barriosiete Bayanihan Blog Badge ha? Thanks friend, ingat lagi dyan!

  2. i like this one,rael..though it's sad..but sound interesting. May blog na din ako rael, gumawa ako hehe..ka start ko pa lang, dalawin mo minsan ha. eto yung site.. http://arlenevalencia.blogspot.com thanks :)