07 December 2009

Although You'd Never Know

(to all who broke Shagami's heart)

To all of you
Who have brushed me aside
Neglected, turned their backs, ignored me.
Although you'd never know

For not returning any calls
For not replying every note
For not smiling back
For not being there

Felt the cold shoulders
The unwarmth in the rubs
Seen true lies, fake smiles
Although you'd never know

Each day I write a poem for you
And burn it in the air
Everyday I pen the saddest lines
Because you barely read a phrase

That is like rubbing salt
And squeezing lemons on my wounds
Stepping on my soul
Although you'd never know.

Pablo writes the saddest lines tonight
And I do mourn with my meter
The letters liberate my fate
Let no one put asunder

I may forgive, I may forget
Let the good things beget
I miss ur smiles, the calls, and all your might
I'm setting aside the fight
Although you'd never know.

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